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Since its inception in 2017, Koru Green Limited has created a professional and trustworthy space for creative professionals and entrepreneurs to commercialise and monetise their creative content. This is achieved through the organization's provision of management and marketing support.

With our involvement in the Caribbean's creative industry, we have already set ourselves apart from others by having developed a unique service within the creative sector primarily focused on transforming cultural goods and services into sustainable livelihoods.

A Message From The Director

At Koru Green, we are devoted to helping creative practitioners and entrepreneurs to commercialise and monetise their creative content.


Our focus is to assist creative professionals who wish to find new markets for the content they produce and/or to expand the consumption of their works within markets in which they are already present.


Simply put, we help creative and cultural practitioners to make a living from their craft. 


From dancers to visual artists, musicians to screenwriters, we work with a wide diversity of creative professionals from different sectors and different backgrounds. Our mission is simple: we exist to ensure that every one of our clients achieve their professional and artistic goals for the duration of their career. 


In Māori, the indigenous language and people of Aotearoa (i.e. New Zealand), a place I once called home, the word “Koru” refers to a "loop or coil" and implies perpetual movement and growth. We work hard to ensure the career path of every client with whom we interface is put on a healthy growth trajectory. However, we always aim to do this in a manner that leaves people and the planet better than we found them.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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